Somnus is the main theme of Final Fantasy versus XIII, like One Winged Angel and Liberi Fatali before it, it is sung in Latin. The title means "sleep". It was composed by Yoko Shimomura, the composer of the Kingdom Hearts Series, Legend of Mana, and multiple games in the Mario RPG Series.



Latin Tellus dormit
et liberi in diem faciunt
numquam extinguunt
ne expergisci possint

Omnia dividit
tragoedia coram
amandum quae

Et nocte perpetua
ehem vels vera visione
par oram videbo te
mane tempus expergiscendi

English Translation The land sleeps
as do the children daily
they won't expire
so that they may never awaken

All does tragedy
Presently divided
All does it send away

And within this perpetual night
Look! Or within the true vision
Next to me I shall see you
In the morning, the time of awakening